Mapping the Sharing Economy in Asheville

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Asheville and Buncombe County have a lot to offer its citizenry. On the surface it is easy to see the countless restaurants, boutiques, bike shops and breweries, but much like in most cities there is more to this mountain town of ours. Many of these surface offerings aren’t designed to serve those who actually live here and large portion of our community can’t afford or lacks access to participate. At the same time there is an often invisible and unconnected network of initiatives, resources and services supporting our citizens and building community.

Last year Asheville based organization REAL Cooperative, in partnership with Shareable and about 25 community members, decided to map out this unconnected network with a purpose of supporting existing projects, connecting those who would benefit from them and identifying needs and niches yet to be filled. The first community meeting which launched this project in Asheville was covered by Lea Mclellan from Mountain Xpress (How well does Asheville share?)

After 4 months of accepting community feedback and expanding the scope of the project we would like to welcome you to the SHARE Asheville Community Directory and MAP. This list has been and will continue to be “crowd sourced” from the community and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. The directory (and Map) aims to showcase the Sharing Projects, Collaborative Consumption and Common Resources which Asheville has to offer. Scroll through the over 150 offerings in 7 sections: Food, Services, Reuse, Community Health, Community Wealth, Commons and Public Libraries.  We will soon be developing a list of “Off the Map” resources serving the community without a physical location.

Have a suggestion for something we should add? Or maybe you think there is something which should be removed?? We rely on feedback from the community to make this a useful resource! Please submit all suggestions through this FORM.


This Map is only a launching point for a larger initiative were calling SHARE Asheville to foster the further development of community serving policy and infrastructure to support the, for lack of a better word, sharing economy.


SHARE Asheville will be hosting our first large event later this Spring. Asheville ShareFest will take place on May 31st at the French Broad Food Co-op and will be a series of interactive co-created events which will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 30th-June 1st showcasing local organizations, projects, resources and skills while highlighting examples of the sharing economy which nationally has become a (new) social safety net and multi billion dollar industry in the new economic framework. The event will be one of over 25 ShareFests taking place in cities around the world in the months of April, May and June as part of the international campaign coordinated by Shareable, Center for a New American Dream, OuiShare and other organizations. Please let us know if you would like to co-create this event with us by filling out this FORM.





Asheville Tool Library: Tool News (November)

Hey Asheville,

Here’s the installment of our monthly Newsletter

Much to report:


$3,000 big ones!

Earlier this month we received an incredible gift and a challenge from Asheville resident Jonathan Reily. With a goal of raising $10,000 to start this project off right and a fundraising campaign that earlier this month was only 20% complete, Jonathan offered to double all contributions up to a total of $3,000!  We’re more than half way to that $3,000 goal and need your help to get over the hump in the next few days.

You can join the nearly 100 donors who have contributed to this project by clicking HERE.


$1,200 big ones!

Groundswell’s global coordination office is based in Asheville and is excited to support the Asheville Tool Library with funds raised from their 2013 Spring Seed Campaign. “We believe it’s important to invest in local leaders and innovators who are providing solutions to issues affecting our community,” says Chris Sacco, Groundswell’s Director of Operations. “Establishing a tool library in Asheville is a wonderful way to create community, reduce our impact on the environment, and generate economic well-being.” 

Groundswell International is a non-profit organization that works in partnership, locally and globally, to strengthen rural communities to build healthy farming and local food systems from the bottom up. Groundswell does this by investing in communities to lead their own development processes and by linking local organizations to wider food sovereignty movements.

To learn more about Groundswell, please visit:


Thank you all so very much for attending our Tool Talk event held at the co-op a few weeks back.  We had a smashin’ good time of getting folks together to talk about the new tool library – we were gifted tools, money and loads of advice from people like you. We put together a SURVEY for everyone to take during the event which had questions like, tools you want, classes you want, volunteer interests, etc – if you haven’t taken it, take it:

A big thank you to Mammacita‘s and Asheville Brewing Company Beer for supplying food and booze!

Pictures from the event taken by our friend, Grant Adkisson here: Tool Pics

Let’s Build it Together!

Anyone interested in helping to get this project off the ground?  2014 is just around the corner and we need some more community support before we can open the doors and start lending tools.

An open-to-the-public community meeting:
Wednesday November 13th from 6:30-8:30 we will be meeting at the office of the Dogwood Alliance (129 Biltmore Ave Asheville, NC 28801).

Please join us if your interested in volunteering and have 1 hr/month or 10hr/wk… we know everyone in town has something to offer.


Hey, ho – we’re accepting tool donations!

That’s right, if you’re interested in donating a new, or kindly used tool please get at us! Drills, saws, garden tools, BCS Tiller (!),  painting supplies, wrenches, sewing machines, generators, ladders, cobbling tools, leather working tools, wood working tools, bungee cords, etc etc… Bring em’!

Contact us here:

How to get in contact with us:

For general Inquires:
Volunteer Inquiry:

And finally, now something completely different…

Co-Creator of the Asheville Tool Library, Julian Dominic, will be giving a cooking class on corn! More specifically, Nixtamal:

One of the oldest techniques of corn preparation, Nixtamal (knee-shta-mal), refers to the process by which the revered grain is cooked in an alkali, hulled and eaten with your neighbors. Come enjoy the old method of cooking, hand-grinding, and eating the regional Kentucky Butcher Dent Corn – making tortillas from scratch!

NIXTAMAL: Corn Processing
Sunday, Nov. 10th, 5-7pm. @  V I L L L A G E R S

$5-15 (Proceeds go to Charlotte Got Crops)
Please RSVP, here

– –

Let’s start lending tools!

Nick, Tom, Julian and the growing tool team

P.S. We’ve extended our fundraising campaign ’till November 22nd!. Please consider a donation today.