Are We Eating Fishy Food? National Tour (leg 2)

Fishy Food Tour Crew Abita Springs, LA

Fishy Food Tour Crew Abita Springs, LA

On November 7, GMO labeling activists set out on a cross-country 6,083-mile journey from Seattle to New York City for the “Are We Eating Fishy Food? Tri-Coastal Tour.”

The tour features five mutant GMO art cars fitted with 300 pound roof-mounted sculptures that call attention to the need for labeling genetically engineered (GMO) food. The tour, which began two days after the world learned that voters in Washington state did not approve I-522 requiring labels for food that has been genetically engineered, launched the second leg of the Tour on Wednesday, Dec 4th.

Ben Harper, co-founder of the REAL Cooperative, is excited to be behind the wheel once again for his third National Tour in the Fishycorn Car.  He has taken the baton from David Piller, another member of the REAL Cooperative, who participated in the first leg of the tour from Seattle to Huston.

After tour stoops in Louisaiana the past 2 days the tour will continue on to Miami Florida before hooking North towards New York City where the tour will come to a close on Dec 16th.

An updated schedule can be found at

12/3/13 1:00pm – Lafayette, LA
12/4/13 12:00pm – New Orleans, LA
12/4/13 1:00pm – Mobile, LA
12/5/13 9:00pm – Tampa, FL
12/6/13 9:00am – Sarasota, FL
12/6/13 3:00pm – Miami, FL
12/9/13 5:00pm – Jacksonville, FL
12/10/13 1:00pm – Atlanta, GA
12/12/13 1:00pm – Asheville, NC
12/13/13 1:00pm – Richmond, VA
12/13/13 1:00pm – Washington, DC
12/14/13 1:00pm – Baltimore, MD
12/15/13 1:00pm – Philadelphia, PA
12/16/13 10:00am – New York City

NOTE: Times & Dates are approximate & may change


REAL Cooperative is Booking 2014 Events!

Real Cooperative is excited to announce that we are now available to book events for 2014! Contact Tom Llewellyn for more information.

This Spring the Hemp History Week College Roadshow will be heading back out on the road for the second annual national tour.  This installment will once again feature the Hemp Hut (Interactive Hemp Education Showcase) along with a Film Screening: “Bring it Home” and a Keynote Presentation by David Piller (2011 Hemp Activist of the Year).   We are currently seeking universities across the nation to host a tour stop and will also be available to present at community centers, theaters and other venues.

The Conscious Carnival Midway is also available for booking on the west coast this Spring and nationally throughout the rest of the year.  The Conscious Carnival Midway tour will feature:  6 Classic Carnival Games with an ‘Eco Twist’ (Toss Out Fossil Fuels, Up A Creek, Recycle Swish, Seeds For Life, EcoOpolis, GMO Freak Show) and performances from the Ballyhoo Carny Crew and the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew.  The Conscious Carnival was the main attraction of the Sustainable Living Roadshow and has been a part of countless events from coast to coast since 2005.

Members of the REAL Cooperative are also available to give presentations and lead workshops about the following subjects:

Hemp, GMOs, Story Based Activism, Outcome based Organizing, Playful Activism, Sharing/Cooperative Economy, GE Trees, Conscious Touring, How to Start a Tool Library and much, much more!

REAL Cooperative is also open to collaboration and contracting with other groups and organizations.  Do you need support from an experienced cooperative of educators, activists and organizers?  We can work with you directly or connect you to our national network of leaders.