REAL Cooperative in the News

Current Projects

Share Asheville

(Asheville) Mountain Xpress 10/29/2013 “How Well Does Asheville Share?” 10/30/2013 “We Gathered, We Mapped, We Shared: A Map Jam Followup:

Beats Antique Tour Support

Conscious Carnival

Hemp for Humanity

GMO Education/Action

-CA Prop 37 (2012)

-Fishycorn Car National Tour (2012)

-Eat-In at the FDA (2013)

-March Against Monsanto Asheville, NC (2013)

-Are We Eating Fishy Food National Tour (2013)

Current Partnerships

Asheville Tool Library

Asheville Citizen Times:

WLOS ABC News: (Page no longer exists)

Mountain Xpress “Tool Talk” Announcement:

Mountain Xpress:

Campaign to Stop GE Trees

Earth Island Journal:

Are We Eating Fishy Food? National Tour

A PLACE for Sustainable Living



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