Save the Date! May 24th “Birthday Party for the Corporate Person”


In mock “celebration” of the 129th anniversary of Santa Clara County vs The Southern Pacific Railroad where the Supreme court made the notion that corporations are people and should share the same constitutional rights as humans. In celebration of this corporate birthday we will invite speakers, musicians and actors to educate and entertain spectators while encouraging them to support the “We The People” constitutional amendment which would strip corporations of their constitutional rights and assert that money is not free speech.

To get involved contact



Asheville Tool Library Spring Updates!


1st, Project Update: We found a location!
We officially launched this project about 2 years ago in the Spring of 2013.  Since that time we have been hard at work: fundraising, finding a fiscal sponsor, collecting tools, doing community outreach and trying to find an initial location for the Asheville Tool Library. After thinking we had figured out a space more times than I can count on one hand we have finally found a winner!

We are partnering with an exciting group of organizations to share space in (East) West Asheville on ‘the corner’ of Haywood Rd.

This project has been a volunteer driven labor of love since its inception and we need your support now as much as ever if this is to be successful. The community is asking for this to happen, we have reached over 1,000 likes on Facebook and get requests for tools almost every week. While financial contributions are necessary and much appreciated we also need more volunteers with al sorts of skills to plug in and join our team.

What we’re trying to say is…

Lets Build it Together!

2nd, Volunteer Meetings: Lets open this thing already!
After a long year of potential locations, false starts and general project atrophy we have finally found a space and are working through the final details.

In the coming months we’ll be launching our initial tool and membership drives, creating the front end of our website, building out our space and making the final preparations to open this Summer (or maybe even late Spring)!

Wednesday Evenings: 6-8pm 285 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC (across the street from Villagers in (east) West Asheville)

At these meetings we will break in our location and discuss the next steps we can take as a group to ‘Build it Together’.

Feel free to bring food or drinks to share. Light snacks will be provided.
*If you have questions or can’t make this meeting, but still want to be involved please email Tom:

3rd, Tool Donations
Were accepting (Tax Deductible) Tool Donations!
We have been slowly stockpiling tools for the last year to prepare for our eventual opening and could use a lot more before we’re fully stocked and ready to go. We’ll be launching a ‘Tool Drive’ soon and if your interested in making a donation now please contact Nick Letts: to schedule a drop off/pick-up.

4th, Shirts!
We have Asheville Tool Library Shirts!  Want one for your self? How about a friend or relative? Come to our meeting and pick up one of these high quality Hemp/Organic Cotton T-Shirts or Hoodies for a $20/$30 donation.

Asheville Tool Library is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Empowerment Works.

Fall Partnership with Beats Antique and Rainforest Action Network

Represent RAN at a Beats Antique Show Near You!

BY Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz Oct 14 2014


Rainforest Action Network is partnering with Beats Antique on their Fall Tour, “Creature Carnival,” to raise awareness about the importance of protecting tropical rainforests and its many inhabitants. If you aren’t familiar with the music of Beats Antique and/or haven’t seen one of their spectacular live performances then you are in for a treat! The band mixes world fusion and electronic music; beyond the incredible music their live shows feature performance art and heavy percussives with Tribal Fusion dance.

Given the theme “Creature Carnival,” the band sought out an organization doing effective work on behalf of wildlife to feature in all the shows. This tour includes 21 live performances from Los Angeles, CA to St. Paul, MN to Washington, DC between October 15-November 8.

We are looking for passionate volunteers to work our RAN table at Beats Antique shows in cities across the country. You will get into the show for free as long as you represent RAN throughout the evening at our table, passing out Forest Program brochures, Last Stand of the Orangutan stickers, RAN bumper stickers, and signing people up to join the Palm Oil Action Team. Please check out the tour dates and locations, and if there’s a good match with your location and availability please kindly email Emma at

We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Fishy Sugar Beet

Fishy Sugar Beet

Fishy Sugar Beet, AKA Rooty, is a sweet ride that cruises the country spreading the word about GMOs and the need to label them. Rooty, along with her 4 counterparts; fishy soy, corn, apple & tomato, were designed by DC artist Cesar Maxit for the group, Are We Eating Fishy Food? She has completed two cross-country tours and spent nearly 4 months in Washington State campaigning for Initiative 522. She started this year off by blockading Monsantos global headquarters in Creve Coeur, MO during the annual share holder meeting in protest to the shareholders voting down a resolution that would essentially stop them from funneling millions of dollars to prevent GMO Labeling Initiatives to pass. After returning to Asheville, NC where she enjoys spending much of her time, she was elected the official float for the “Krewe of Ewwe” in Asheville’s Mardi Gras Parade. On March 29th Rooty made her way down to Atlanta, GA for the 1st Annual Non-GMO Festival at the Lake Claire Community Landtrust where her primary driver, Ben Harper, spoke of the many adventures they shared as well as the benefits to using playful activism as a means to create change. On April 22nd Rooty will make an appearance at the Asheville Community Theatre for the Organic Growers Schools’  screening of GMO OMG, a film directed by Ashevillian Jeremy Seifert. In May, she will head back out on the open road eventually making her way to Oregon to campaign for state-wide GMO Labeling. Feel free to follow the adventures of Fishy Sugar Beet on Facebook and Twitter @fishysugarbeet

-Ben Harper

Are We Eating Fishy Food? National Tour (leg 2)

Fishy Food Tour Crew Abita Springs, LA

Fishy Food Tour Crew Abita Springs, LA

On November 7, GMO labeling activists set out on a cross-country 6,083-mile journey from Seattle to New York City for the “Are We Eating Fishy Food? Tri-Coastal Tour.”

The tour features five mutant GMO art cars fitted with 300 pound roof-mounted sculptures that call attention to the need for labeling genetically engineered (GMO) food. The tour, which began two days after the world learned that voters in Washington state did not approve I-522 requiring labels for food that has been genetically engineered, launched the second leg of the Tour on Wednesday, Dec 4th.

Ben Harper, co-founder of the REAL Cooperative, is excited to be behind the wheel once again for his third National Tour in the Fishycorn Car.  He has taken the baton from David Piller, another member of the REAL Cooperative, who participated in the first leg of the tour from Seattle to Huston.

After tour stoops in Louisaiana the past 2 days the tour will continue on to Miami Florida before hooking North towards New York City where the tour will come to a close on Dec 16th.

An updated schedule can be found at

12/3/13 1:00pm – Lafayette, LA
12/4/13 12:00pm – New Orleans, LA
12/4/13 1:00pm – Mobile, LA
12/5/13 9:00pm – Tampa, FL
12/6/13 9:00am – Sarasota, FL
12/6/13 3:00pm – Miami, FL
12/9/13 5:00pm – Jacksonville, FL
12/10/13 1:00pm – Atlanta, GA
12/12/13 1:00pm – Asheville, NC
12/13/13 1:00pm – Richmond, VA
12/13/13 1:00pm – Washington, DC
12/14/13 1:00pm – Baltimore, MD
12/15/13 1:00pm – Philadelphia, PA
12/16/13 10:00am – New York City

NOTE: Times & Dates are approximate & may change