The Team


Thomas Clever Llewellyn (

  Thomas Clever Llewellyn is a Founder and Coordinator of the REAL Cooperative (Regenerative Education Action and Leadership), and is the Organizing Director for and the international Sharing Cities Network.

From 2008 – 2012 Tom toured across the country producing eco events, leading workshops and participating in a wide variety of actions and campaigns as the Education and Activism Director of Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR).  Drawing from years of experience as the director of the Canyon After School Program and Clever Scamp Camp, as well as a rich background in theatrical performance and storytelling, Tom brings his playful creativity to environmental and political causes and actions. Currently living in Asheville, NC Tom is the lead coordinator of the Asheville Tool Library and enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.


Emma Hutchens (


Emma is a Founder and Coordinator of the REAL Cooperative (Regenerative Education Action and Leadership) for activists.  She worked as the Staffing and Outreach Coordinator of Sustainable Living Roadshow from 2010 – 2012, before returning to Asheville, NC.  Her current projects include the Asheville Grown Local Business Alliance and the Real Food Challenge.  She also leads workshops in nonviolence, action for sustainability, Playful Activism, organizing strategy and more.  Emma studied non-violence and facilitation in Huehuecoyol, Mexico and recently completed a self-designed degree at UNC Asheville as a student of Social Movements, Environmental Policy and Community Health.  She loves teaching people to teach, traveling, eating with chop-sticks and making art out of trash.  She currently lives in Asheville (her very favorite city), spending her days trying not to be a vagabond.



Ben Harper (

DSCN2467 Ben is a Founder and Coordinator of the REAL Cooperative (Regenerative Education Action and Leadership) for activists. He interned with Earthship Biotecture in Taos, NM in 2010 and began construction on an earthship (off the grid home made of recycled materials) of his own soon after and its still a work in progress. During 2011-2012 he lived in Oakland, CA where he helped kickstart The PLACE(people linking art community and ecology) for Sustainable Living and became the Site Manager for The Sustainable Living Roadshow. During that time he became experienced in 3D design, bamboo construction, and eco-carnieism. Ben loves to make/take solutionary ideas and create them in the digital 3d world to help share the idea and then create it in the real world. His interests include eco-construction, 3d design, permaculture design, worm composting, traveling and empowering people to localize their food, water and energy sources. And of course he loves to make people smile!

Emily Parrish ( Graphic Designer, Resident Artist, Cat Whisperer 

1 Emily Parrish is a recent graduate from the art program at Appalachian State where she studied loom weaving and all sorts of printmaking, choosing to focus on low-impact and sustainable techniques, tools and materials in both areas.  In 2011, she had the opportunity to be a worker bee for Sustainable Living Roadshow. These days she designs posters, fliers and postcards for the REAL Cooperative’s events and actions. She now lives in Berkeley, CA where she spends her time drawing pictures, cycling all over and settling into her new life on the west coast.





David Piller ( – Hemp Activist Extraordinaire

Hemp Hut 2013David Piller is a long time hemp educator and activist who was first introduced to industrial hemp’s environmental and economic benefits in 1991.  Since then he has gained extensive experience educating people about hemp and working hands on with a variety of hemp products, including helping with the building of the first Hempcrete homes in Asheville, NC; visiting hemp fields and learning hemp food processing in Manitoba, Canada; and lobbying at the State and Federal levels.

In 2011, he partnered with the Sustainable Living Roadshow and created and toured with an interactive educational exhibit called the Hemp Hut, was honored as Vote Hemp’s Activist of the Year, and presented at the Canadian Hemp Convention.  In 2012 he shared the hemp hut at music and sustainability festivals  across the US and presented at the European Hemp Convention.  In 2013 he organized and completed a two month, 9000 mile Spring tour called the Hemp History Week College Roadshow which visited colleges, farmers’ markets, and natural food stores across the Midwest, Southwest, and West Coast.
Jonathan Youtt ( – Conscious Carny 

jonathan_photo2Jonathan co-founded Sustainable Living Roadshow in 2005 and has been active in manifesting this shared vision ever since.  In 2011 Jonathan co-founded A Place for Sustainable Living in “Oakleyville,” CA and to this day continues to be very very involved.  As the brainchild & Big Mouth Barker behind Conscious Carnival, he has helped create eco-games of chance, which engage participants with entertaining and fun activities while they learn about a variety of issues concerning the environment and sustainability. Another current edu-tainment project is the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew, which is a puppet troupe that creates and performs politically and environmentally conscious puppetry.

Other projects that were co-founded and catalyzed by Jonathan include the Esperanza Sustainability Center, an educational center for urban agriculture, sustainable living strategies, and artistic expression; the Clean Fuel Caravan Coalition, a collective of clean fuel advocates sharing resources and information about renewable fuels; the Mission Village Market, a dynamic Art, Farm & Flea Market; and CELLspace, a collaborative arts center which provides a safe and supportive public environment for the exploration of art, education, performance, and community building.


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