Tour Blog Day 5

Day 5

Today we were grateful to finally have a chance to sleep in.  We drove the final 2 hours into St. Louis (Home of Monsanto World Headquarters boooo), and headed straight to the City Museum (yay!), a spot that we’ve head a lot about for a long time and finally got to visit.

We were gifted primo parking by the entrance to show off the fishy car, and heading inside.  We’re there for about 10 min, before Ben ran by me bleeding.  He had cracked his head open on a low hanging…well…Cave in the museum in the dark (of course).  Apparently the employees there are pretty used to this and they fixed him up quickly (but not before he had scared some small children looking like a zombie with blood dripping down his nose…)  We had a slower adventure from there, and an amazing time exploring and climbing and playing.

It was a weird day of moving slow, losing things, and getting hurt so we turned in early.  We’re staying with a couple of occupy monsanto organizers that planned the actions we’ll be doing tomorrow.  They are older adults who are super tied in to the local action movement.  They work with Gateway-Green Alliance, CAMP: The community arts and movement project (that collectively bought their own building 10 years ago to run multiple organizations from!) and run their own TV show; Green Time, focusing on education the public about environmental and social issues worldwide.  Last September, they organized a conference around GMOs and food issues, directly tackling Monsanto in their own town.  For us they have planned a series of actions tomorrow to visit multiple “contaminated” grocery stores.

We’re going to get some rest tonight, but tune in for some awesome actions tomorrow!

Check out the press release: 

Gateway Green Alliance/Safe Food Action St. Louis Press Advisory — 

Is FishyCorn in the market where you shop?

December 14, 2012 – St. Louis, Missouri. On Friday, Dec. 14 the FishyCorn car will be visiting

St.Louis! Atop the car sits a sculpture of a GMO (genetically modified organism) creature, part

corn, part fish. The FishyCorn car will be visiting several local St. Louis grocery stores to alert

shoppers regarding GMO contamination of food that they may be purchasing.


FishyCorn Car dedicates its life to promote education around foods containing GMOs,

the environmental and social impact of the massive increase in chemicals used to grow them and

the importance of GMO labeling in the USA. It is in St. Louis as part of a cross country tour.

You can follow the FishyCorn Car on its facebook page.


Over 90% of soy, corn, and canola contain GMOs. GMOs are created when a gene from

a bacteria, animal or a plant is inserted into another plant or animal. Scientific tests have raised

questions about whether these foods are safe for humans to consume. Foods containing GMOs

are not labeled, so people cannot tell if they are in the foods they buy at the supermarket.


WHO: Safe Food Action St. Louis, Gateway Green Alliance, grocery store customers

WHAT: Informational tour & pickets of St. Louis grocery stores

WHERE: Begin at Schnucks parking lot, 6600 Clayton Rd (at Big Bend) 63117

WHEN: 3 pm, Friday, December 14, 2012

WHY: Genetic contamination of St. Louis food.


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