Tour Blog Day 3

Day 3

After leaving the Retro Buckaroo Motel, we were on our way to Amarillo.  Along the roadside we saw fields full of tires, abandoned towns, and “free-range” cattle (in small fences rather than small stables).  It was a little boring and a little bleak.  We stopped once for fuel and I talked to the tiny Texan lady running the store.  She asked what we were up to and as I described, to my surprise she quickly expressed her approval!  She voiced her concerns about the amount of sugar that modern foods containe and her hesitation to eat them and feed them to her kids.  We talked about the fact that now most of that “sugar” in foods is actually GMO high-fructose corn syrup.  While slicing a previously frozen, box pizza to sell to customers, she explained that she and her husband keep a garden that he refuses to spray any chemicals on (even fertilizer, she fussed).  Their garden soil is good because there used to be fighting chickens on the plot, but they could never eat their eggs because there’s too much iron and sulfur in the local water source and they tasted toxic.

After talking to her we left with a wave and drove on.

What does it mean to have so many people who believe in this cause, living in impoverished communities without access to non-gmo food and far from the minds and eyes and ears of policy makers.  What does it mean when even the like minded live so far from environmental sustainability.  Are we stuck with the status quo America?

Even Fishy corn seemed especially pensive on the drive into Amarillo with his jaws-esk shadow racing along beside the road.

When we reached Amarillo, we went straight to the Eat Rite Health Promotion Market, a 63 year old family run business that supplies its community with a healthy cafe, a small selection of organic groceries, health food supplements, natural care products and advice from an in-store nutritionist.  We hadn’t even been able to find the spot on google until a facebook follower suggested that we check it out.  They are wonderful!  We were treated with such hospitality and we were so impressed by quality health service that they are offering to their community deep in the heart of Texas (the stars at night they shine so bright…sorry).

After an afternoon talking with customers and sending them home with little GMO info kits, we packed up and drove down the road with the sun setting behind us. I sang “Deep in the Heart of Texas” to Ben the whole way, knowing only the first verse… Tonight we’re being hosted by a kind employee of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, our first stop of the day before Anner’s Pantry in Tulsa.

Oh and p.s. the words to “Deep in the Heart” of Texas are as follows,

The stars at night – are big and bright

Deep in the heart of texas.

The prairie sky – is wide and high

Deep in the heart of texas.

The sage in bloom – is like perfume

Deep in the heart of texas.

Reminds me of – the one I love

Deep in the heart of texas.

The cowboys cry – ki-yip-pie-yi

Deep in the heart of texas.

The rabbits rush – around the brush

Deep in the heart of texas.

The coyotes wail – along the trail

Deep in the heart of texas.

The doggies bawl – and bawl and bawl

Deep in the heart of texas.

Tomorrow’s song will be: OOOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes right behind the plains….(Ben is really beginning to wish the radio worked…)

Happy Trails Ya’ll!


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