Tour Blog Day 2

Day 2

When we woke up it was 12 degrees in Flagstaff. Fishy corn (nor his compadres were) expecting that!  We rolled by New Frontiers Natural Groceries to stock up on food staples and stock them up on GMO info, and then headed WAY down the road to Albuquerque.

As you can see on our Facebook, we passed through the land of desert, native people, fake dinosaurs (?) and big red rocks.  It was my first time in New Mexico, I found it eerily beautiful.

We drove all the way to Albuquerque to the La Montanitia Food Cooperative, where we were met with a warm welcome despite the COLD weather.  We set up in the parking lot with information to share and talked to people as the came and went.  The cooperative was awesome.  They even have a micro-lending program to help strengthen the local food system and local business economy! We interviewed Melissa, an amazing employee there that is very tied in with the GMO situation in community.  She told us that there are conversations about genetically modifying green chilies, a staple of New Mexican diet, on the table now. Already the politics are confusing because the biotech industry is involved with the “Save New Mexico Native Chilies” campaign.  The community she lives in is going to need to organize together, get their facts straight and get to work to stop the approval of the green chile- and she seems to already be doing just that.  We were honored with the opportunity to speak with her and meet the vibrant, well informed community around the cooperative.  We can’t wait to work with them in the future.

Next, we hurried over to the Skarsgard Farms CSA pickup spot in town to set up an informational display and send GMO info home with shoppers.  The farm is an amazing family run spot that employes and trains young people, several of whom have moved on to start their own farms.  They also supply their community with locally grown food via their Community Supported Agriculture shares and an organic veggie-dispensing food truck (if only we could have these in all urban areas to deal with that issue of healthy food access!).

We drove all the way to the tiny, retro Buckaroo Motel to spend then night and gear up for the next day.  We’re excited to see that not only do people know what we’re talking about, they agree.   Lets see what Texas has to say tomorrow.


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